Historical Data

Chinese Historical Price Information

Grain prices in the Qing Dynasty by administrative units. Qingdai liangjia ziliaoku 清代糧價資料庫 built by Yeh-chien Wang 王業鍵院士 of the Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica: http://mhdb.mh.sinica.edu.tw/foodprice/ .

Chinese historical rice price index (1650–2003), collected, calculated, and imputed by Peng Kaixiang 彭凯翔 in his book Qingdai yilai de liangjia: lishixue de jieshi yu zaijieshi 清代以来的粮价: 历史学的解释与再解释 (2006). You can find this data in Appendix 5, Table A5.1.